101 Blessings in February

Blessing #1: The month of February started off with an AMEN and ended with a WOW!! I am still in awe of everything that has happened this past month. The initial shock is turning into gratitude and excitement. The month started with the most amazing news EVER!!! My prayers were finally answered. My doctor called … Continue reading 101 Blessings in February


Bring it on 2018!!!

A lot of people have asked me why I dyed my hair green. I thought it would be obvious from my "Green Ninja" persona, but then I have to remember that not everyone knows my story. But honestly, I have wanted green hair since I was in high school. Unfortunately, my mom never let me … Continue reading Bring it on 2018!!!

My 4th surgery

On Friday, July 21, 2017 I had my 4th surgery.  Back in April I had developed an infection, which left me with a hole on the side of my left breast. During that surgery my plastic surgeon had to remove my expander. I had to wait until after radiation before he could put the expander … Continue reading My 4th surgery